Fort Lauderdale has seen hurricanes come and go over the years with none more serious than the next.  Here at Lauderdale Marine Center we take each one seriously and plan ahead. Hurricane Matthew recently activated our hurricane plan, which involves changes in service and evacuations of some clients.

During this time we were to help over 230 vessels, some as large as 190 feet, weather the storm unscathed. We secured all of the vessels with the focus on the clients’ well-being. Here is a little bit on how the process played out:


Starting Tuesday, we held two meetings a day with contractors and crew informing them of storm predications and possible impact to LMC. Two days prior to storm approaching we mandated the following:

  1. All tents built on scaffolding/floats in the water must be removed.  Actual metal scaffolding could stay up but must be secure (planking, framing etc.)
  2. All make-shift tents not shrink wrapped must be removed
  3. All loose items, ladders, deck chairs, misc. equipment must be secured with straps, line.


Also in the days leading up to Hurricane Matthew, we toured each tent to verify structural integrity and to prioritize those that needed repair or removal. A comprehensive cleanup of all yard areas was ongoing during this time.

Wednesday, we informed all contractors and crew that we would be moving through the yard and removing any loose items or trash, if not already completed. Photo and video documentation was completed throughout the process and the decision was made that the power would remain on.