After 4 years on the hard at Lauderdale Marine Center, M/Y Never Enough’s owner, captain and crew members have eagerly anticipated her return to the water. After a complete refit with everything from exterior paint to teak decking, shafts, new engines, a fly bridge extension, an aft main deck modification, new generators and more, this 140’ Feadship has undergone a remarkable transformation from the inside out. The entire refit has been supervised by Captain Kim Sandell and along with her crew members and numerous LMC contractors and subcontractors, they have all worked tirelessly to ensure Never Enough would be ready to splash today.

“When this project first began, the owner had the option to either replace old, existing parts of the vessel or tear everything out and start new. Ultimately, that’s what he wanted to do. He loves his yacht and has no intention of selling. Plus, by rebuilding the foundation of the vessel, it’s a capital investment for him, extending the life of the yacht.  Replacing the engines, gearboxes, generators, navigation system, the main switchboard and power management system, he’ll now have the next 20+ years to enjoy aboard,” says Captain Kim. She also stated that the owner has been heavily involved in the entire refit process and has enjoyed visiting LMC to watch the transformation.

All Hands on Deck

Many of LMC’s contractors and subcontractors were present to watch the much anticipated launch of Never Enough. Some of the major projects she underwent include:

  • 12’ fly bridge extension completed by American Marine
  • New teak deck by Teak Decking Systems
  • New Caterpillars C32 Acert engines by Mendol USA
  • New John Deere generators
  • New Reintjes gearboxes
  • New mufflers by D’Angelo Exhaust
  • Aft main deck modification
  • New handrails by K & G Marine
  • New A/C by Cuge Marine
  • New shorepower convertor by Atlas Marine Systems
  • New alarm & monitoring systems by Night Watch Industries
  • New navigation communication system by Telemar Yachting
  • New shafts & alignment by DATUM RMS

LMC’s On-site Contractors used in the refit include:

  • Exterior paint by Luu Marine & Associates
  • New main switchboard & power management system by TESS Electrical

While the bulk of Never Enough’s refit has been completed on land, she will reside in the water at LMC a bit longer to complete the remainder of the project. Engineers and contractors still need to commission new machinery and continue installing additional electronics. But for now owner, captain and crew are all so happy to be back in the water. “It feels really good to get wet again,” says First Mate Bob Keino. “We’ve worked really hard to get the boat ready and it’s exciting to have the owner and his guests present for the launch.”